I have some old friends that I never call or visit, some of whom I would soon lose track if we didn't exchange Christmas cards; but if and when we happen upon each other, it is with joy and gladness.

Some friends I see seldom; but when we do get together or meet fortuitously, we can usually pick up where we last left; it helps to chronicle past year's events in Christmas cards.

And there are those I only see occasionally, yet think of often, and I sometimes long to see them more, especially when I'm writing Christmas cards.

There are friends I see on a fairly regular basis, some of whom are easier than others, more fun, less trouble, extra supportive; but our friendships aren't based on those things.

Then there are friends whom I can't ever get enough of, no matter how often we're together. I think of them even when it isn't Christmas; in fact, I'm thinking of some of them now because I love how it makes me feel to know that friendships aren't founded solely on what we offer, but more so on the hearts inside and the spirits that surround us, even when we don't exchange Christmas cards.

I don't always get to talk with some of my friends, even when we're in the same room; but I just feel splendid in their presence, knowing that our friendships don't necessarily require us to make conversation or exchange Christmas cards.



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