Someday, and you'll need not be charmed, you'll meet someone who you'll feel you've known forever. You'll look into each other's eyes and you'll recognize it, and you'll know that you have found your soul mate, a kindred spirit, or an angel.

If it's an angel, you'll need only to be passive, accepting your good fortune while you learn and evolve. A soul mate may cause you to jeopardize all, in order to effectuate a relationship that you feel has its roots deep into the beginning of love's birth. But a kindred spirit has been a part of you since before all you remember. You'll know her or him as you know yourself. Being together will be ever so natural without necessarily threatening your current relationships. In fact, if you're really tuned in, you may have several kindred spirits, causing a euphoria in your life that can only be surpassed by your image of heaven itself.

Yet bow and be thankful if you find but one, because your life will become more joyful, meaningful and full of new purpose as you tap into a whole new realm of existence. Of course, you must be focused; so it helps to be relaxed, aware and sensitive to spirits. I'm certain they pass us by fairly regularly; but the world has a way of keeping us too busy to notice. A kindred spirit may be any age, gender, and may transcend your original ideas of who should flock together.

Count yourself among the blessed, be kind and let your floodgates open to give and receive pure and genuine love -- love which was born while you and I were still twinkles in the eyes of the first dawn.


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