I've been doing something dumb for years! I've used good reasons though, so I'm all right. I've been putting off getting nice things for my kids' apartments because I worry they won't live in one place long enough; they might lose, misplace, break, forget, or destroy these great items.

I can picture them putting cigarettes out on the mahogany dining table, or using the captain's chair as a lion stave, or, and I'm almost positive of this, they'd wear that chiffon lamp shade for a helmet. And what, when they move, if they forget that Rachel Badeau clock on the mantle? No way; I'd worry all the time. I'm doing them favors, waiting like I do for that last apartment or home, where I can furnish to my heart's content: handmade hook rugs, quilts and baskets, fine one-of-a-kind coffee tables, china from, well...China.

After all, they're only little; how would they know how to care for stuff. Why, the youngest had to go all the way to California to find out that he wanted to live in Rhode Island; and now he's California dreaming again. Like I'm really going to trust him with that Cloisonne umbrella stand--right!

My oldest one brought her cat here once, and after it had been here a while, she thought it was my cat! So, I should loan her my Pier One credit card? Okay, sure; my middle son has been living in the same apartment for 4 years. That doesn't mean he can find the cellular phone, or the vacuum for that matter.

No, siree; I'm right in waiting! When they settle down, I've got all this great stuff picked out for them. I'll enjoy it better then, knowing they've come to respect their property and to show regard for special things.

Ahhh...why am I so brilliant? It isn't fair to all the others.


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