Jerimoth Hill

Jerimoth Hill, named after the highest point in Rhode Island, in the town of Foster, home of Elwood and Aubrey, is Atwater~Donnelly's all old-time gospel project. Jerimoth Hill, winner of the Motif Music Awards in the Americana category for 2008, is an old-time gospel band that includes Aubrey on mountain dulcimer, banjo and mandolin; Elwood on lead vocals and guitar; Cathy Clasper-Torch on fiddle and cello; Heidi Cerrigione on autoharp and hammered dulcimer; John Cerrigione on bass; and Uriah Donnelly on piano and lead guitar. Kevin Doyle is the occasional percussionist.

Jerimoth Hill



Band member John Cerrigione
created a short montage,
combining photos taken at the
recording studio in Oct. 2006
 and a video from the Feb. 2007
release concert.

"The Halfway Ground"
The Halfway Ground (2007)
marks the 10th recording for Atwater~Donnelly and the 1st for Jerimoth Hill. This endeavor summarizes years of research throughout those hidden pockets of America where music, as an integral part of daily life, weaves an emotional thread through work and play, commitment and faith, endurance and hope, struggle and peace. The Halfway Ground, where the hereafter is ever-present in conversation and song, and greener pastures are a simple assurance.

The result is the glorious five-part harmony of Jerimoth Hill. So, breathe deeply as these songs meander their way through your discerning ear and into your heart to meet your spirit on The Halfway Ground.

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