When I was in my early twenties, I believed in the peace movement ... that when those of us who were persuaded by peace began to assume positions of authority - parents, teachers, executives, politicians - somehow all individuals, communities, and nations would slowly convert to peace. People would display goodwill, compassion and love toward one another.

OK! I didn't think the whole world would change; but I did feel that since there were so many of us, we would make a huge difference. I guess I believed that most people felt as I do about love. Well, of course I woke to find that many became professionals who cared more about their personal achievements than with propagating peace. And even I, like many others, inadvertently became distracted, and found myself years later having not progressed much further than my own home.

Nowadays, as I research music which has preceded my own, it becomes more apparent that there have always been people who cared more about personal gain, and there have always been those dedicated to spreading peace.

I wrote "Beginning with You" keeping in mind that peace will come later, at best. And I wrote "Pity Undue" for anyone who has ever been oppressed or who has been made to feel that their accomplishments aren't adequate, as well as for those who hardships fall on just when they're able to pick themselves up and start again.

There have always been people, like me, who want to do more. I'm constantly feeling inadequate and I have a list of regrets. Neurotic? Maybe I would be if I didn't have my friends -- people not unlike yourselves, who continually remind me that I should be proud of my accomplishments, that I'm doing my best, and that if we survive at all, then we are heroes.


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