I have a secret admirer (sorry, not romantic!) who writes that some people seem to lose their youth too soon. I've also noticed how some people yield to old age more quickly than others, remembering youth rather than nurturing it throughout one's life. She wishes that people would continue to count the stars, smell flowers, or run naked in the rain (hmm, there's an image!), even as the years carry us closer to that fateful day.

As you know though, each of us is different; it's our differences that make life so interesting. So some people will relinquish their youth early while others may only appear to surrender, but in fact, are evolving to the next level, preferring to keep youth as a memory rather than a practice. Personally, I want it all--the marvel of youth and the maturity of old age.

Sometimes we need to seek out our own for a time. By that I mean we can find the flock we're most comfortable with, people whose ideas are compatible with our own ... in her case, folks who are still awestruck by ant hills and who work to preserve those wonders.

Keep your youth as long as you want to without expecting others to follow your road, and remember that arriving at the next level doesn't necessarily mean defeat, because I believe it encompasses youth while combining wisdom.


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