Leaning near the counter, I dropped my quarter on number 30, which has always been my lucky number; I was born on the 30th of January. The couple I was talking with, there at the community carnival, was stunned when my number won; but I remained calm and confident. It delivers such an impact when you behave this way.

But my luck over the years had awarded me certitude. Pretty much, I've been fortunate to have good luck. Conversely, I've been lucky to have good fortune; having been blessed with the occasional serendipitous windfall, as well as the isolated miracles. To me, when you win a bet, you're lucky because the outcome is hardly in your control. On the other hand, when you make a mistake and it doesn't cause you to lose something dear, like your partner or your job or your life, then you're fortunate.

Either way, luck or fortune, and they are often used synonymously, have their downsides. Some say that if it wasn't for bad luck, they wouldn't have any luck at all, while others complain about misfortune befalling them. Unfortunately, we're all bound to experience distress, tragedy and catastrophe, viewed by some as major setbacks and to others minor inconveniences.

Which brings us to attitude and self-fulfilling prophecy. Either of these may affect our luck and fortune. I don't know this to be true; but I believe that I've offset misfortune with an assured disposition; and I believe I've swayed luck with positive conviction. This doesn't necessarily have to be true because if I believe it and it is working for me, then it is true for me. My responses: To good luck: Yes! Very cool!, because I've grown to expect good luck; but not overly assured, so as not to jinx my luck either. To bad luck: Damn! What's up with that?!, because I don't normally expect bad luck, and although I know it does occur on occasion, I'm usually always surprised. To good fortune: Oh yeah! This is good because I'm unceasingly grateful for all the energies that come together in order to afford me such good fortune. To bad fortune: Oh well; that's how that goes because by the time bad fortune arrives, it's already too late to change it; so I'd rather dwell on the future with hope that my energy, combined with that of the universe, can bring me better fortune.


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