I am wondering why apologizing is so difficult for some, and why it is often avoided until everything else fails or proves inadequate. When you apologize for something you've done, it should mean that you'll try to never do that again. When you express sorrow for circumstances that transpire outside of your control, you are helping to bring comfort and confidence back into the world as you acknowledge the sadness, shame, grief and misery wrought by those things.

If you apologize, mean it, and forgive one another with genuine sincerity and await the windfall. I apologize for giving you what I think you need, instead of what you ask for. I'm sorry for appearing superior, even though I feel inferior; how could you know? I apologize for expecting you to meet standards I establish for myself. I'm sorry I disappoint you when I should comfort you; for hurting your feelings when I only mean to clear the air; for what I said, what I neglected to say, what I forgot to say. I'm sorry your mother died, your father, your sister, your brother, your lover, your closest friend. I'm sorry for verbal abuse, date rapes, murder, funerals, women as objects and hate crimes. I'm sorry that intolerance sometimes overshadows compassion as war does peace.

Forgive me for not telling you I love you more often...and that I forgive you.


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