You can see all kinds of videos of Atwater~Donnelly on YouTube. Just go to the YouTube website and search on Atwater~Donnelly, Aubrey Atwater, and Jerimoth Hill. Enjoy! Below are a few dance videos.

Aubrey and Elwood are also well known for their dancing. Elwood is a dynamic caller of circles, squares, and contra dances, as well as an enthusiastic tap dancer; and Aubrey thrills audiences with her highly percussive clogging either solo or with champion dancer Kevin Doyle.

Aubrey and Elwood featured in their new hometown of Warren, RI



Aubrey and Elwood's performance and encore at the
Big Muddy Folk Festival, Boonville, MO
April 10, 2015.





A nice overview: Atwater-Donnelly/Jerimoth Hill
perform at the Rosegarden Coffeehouse in Mansfield, MA.





Atwater~Donnelly Trio
Rose Garden Coffeehouse, Mansfield, MA
September 21, 2013

Aubrey Stepdances



“The Jamestown Homeward Bound”



Elwood on the Limberjack



“I’ve Been a Foreign Lander”



“Bold Riley”



“Two Crows”



The Oxen Dance
The Oxdansen is Swedish and probably dates back about 200 years.
Figures in this dance are meant to be humorous to outrageous.




Aubrey's legendary "Talking Clogging" routine captured on video by Steve Ide
at the Rose Garden Coffeehouse, Mansfield, MA on January 15, 2011.




Aubrey dances at the Guest Street Sessions, WGBH, Boston in June, 2010.



Aubrey dances with four young dancers at the Ozark Folk Center in
Mountain View, Arkansas on August 1, 2008. From left to right are Trine Spann
and Caleb, Samuel, and Nathan Cobb ages 9, 10, 11, and 13, respectively.
The kids learned the routine that morning!



Atwater~Donnelly and Jerimoth Hill
at the Rose Garden Coffeehouse, Mansfield, MA on January 19, 2008



Kevin, Aubrey and April Verch of Ottawa Valley combine Irish Step Dancing,
American Tap, American Clogging, and Ottawa Valley Step Dancing
in thrilling improvisation on the Dance Stage at the
Blackstone River Theatre Celtic Festival, July 2007.
Photo courtesy of Ron O'Connor.


Kevin and Elwood wow the audience with their waltz clog routine on the
Dance Stage at the Blackstone River Theatre Celtic Festival, July 2007.
Photo at left courtesy of Roger DuBord. Photo at right courtesy of Ron O'Connor.



December 30, 2008
Elwood calls a contradance at John C. Campbell Folk School's Winter Dance Week
in Brasstown, NC. The dance is called "The Awesome Double Progression"
by Donna McAllister and the video was taken by Trudy Strawn
from the "secret door" above the dance floor!



February 24, 2007
Kevin Doyle & Aubrey Atwater



Aubrey Atwater vs Kevin Doyle, plus Aubrey’s a cappella Clogging Solo
February 24, 2007



Aubrey Atwater and Leela and Ellie Grace trade steps in a clogging demonstration
at the Golden Link Folk Singing Society's Turtle Hill Folk Festival, Rush, NY
September 12, 2009


For more information on dance workshops and events, check out these links on our website:

To learn more about Kevin Doyle:

Aubrey demonstrates clogging steps in her Intermediate Clogging Class
at Christmas Country Dance School in Berea, KY December 2007.












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