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Following are some photos of Aubrey Atwater and Elwood Donnelly at various concerts, festivals, and photo-shoots. Click on any photo for a larger view.

We are pleased to make these photos available for use by venues on their web sites and advertising materials. These photos have been compressed for quick loading by our web site visitors and, while suitable for use on web sites, they will not reproduce well on hard copy. Please visit our Press Room for high-resolution photos.

Fun clogging shot taken by photography student Stephen Owens
at the John C. Campbell Folk School, September 2019



Friday Night Folk in New London, CT February 3, 2012



Dueling Cloggers: Aubrey enjoys a clogging challenge with
Martin Zak, old time musician and dancer from the Czech Republic.
Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering in Newport, PA June, 2008



Elwood's first tap dance recital with the
Theresa Landry Dance Company



© Jeronimo Nisa 2007

Aubrey dances at the Big Muddy Folk Festival
in Boonville, Missouri April, 2007



Aubrey and Elwood at the 2007 Rhode Island Folk Festival.
Photo by David Hughes.



Jerimoth Hill



Seattle-based fans, Becky & Catherine Graham,
living in China this year, dress up as their
favorite folksingers on Halloween 2005.



Folktown: The Story of the Fifth Mary
April & May 2005
A play by Robert Hollis in collaboration with Atwater~Donnelly
All photos and movie clips taken by Ellen Smith Pratt, the great Folktown "roadie."

Here are a few photos and movie clips of rehearsals and performances of FOLKTOWN, one of the best projects Aubrey and Elwood feel they have ever done! Folktown is an original play, written by Bob Hollis, based on 22 songs in the Atwater~Donnelly repertoire. Approximately 100 people from Foster and neighboring towns were involved to create a powerful and exhuberant community experience. All six performances were to full houses and sell-out crowds. Read the original Press Release for more information. Enjoy!

In the dressing room ... Amy Hollis played the Fifth Mary, the heroine of the play.

Muses Aubrey and Elwood sing in "Museland" at one of the dress rehearsals.



Movie Clips from Folktown
The Folktown DVD:
if you'd like to order a copy of the Folktown DVD and make a small donation to Swampmeadow Theatre, please get in touch with Bob Hollis or Carol Mauro at or 401-397-4740.

  • Rehearsing "The Devil and the Farmer's Wife" with the children.
    RealPlayer (RM)   Windows Media (WMV)
  • Act 1, Scene 3c: "The Golden Glove" with many members of the Folktown cast in the first of several wedding scenes.
    RealPlayer (RM)   Windows Media (WMV)
  • Act 1, Scene 6b: Aubrey and Elwood sing "Johnny Be Fair." Actors include Heather Christie, Katherine E. Kent, Burr Harrison, and Liam Dailey.
    RealPlayer (RM)   Windows Media (WMV)
  • Act 2, Scene 4a: "Shule Aroon" (Johnny Has Gone For a Soldier).  Mary Synko (Amy Hollis) gives Rachel (Mariah Harrington) hope.
    RealPlayer (RM)   Windows Media (WMV)
  • Act 2, Scene 5b: "I Wonder When I Shall Be Married" with actors Amy Hollis, Lauren Curley, Lona Robillard, and Artie Robillard.
    RealPlayer (RM)   Windows Media (WMV)



Aubrey and Elwood entertain kids at the Mary R. Fisher
Elementary School in North Grosvenordale, CT



Aubrey and Elwood perform at the "Cocoahouse" at The Children's Studio.
Norton, MA, December 4, 2004
Photo courtesy of Bill Gucfa

A child examines Elwood's limberjacks before the cocoahouse performance.
Norton, MA, December 4, 2004
Photo courtesy of Bill Gucfa



Halloween 2004, Elwood and Aubrey dress up as folksingers.
Photo courtesy of Mary Akylas Harman.


Aubrey and Elwood recording a show for Mansfield (MA) Cable Television.
Photo courtesy of Mac McLanahan.



Great River Road Festival, Grafton, Illinois
August 20-22, 2004

Elwood leading a Carter Family
Songs workshop.

Elwood on the patio.

Elwood and Aubrey in the main stage performance.
Photos courtesy of Susie Kraeszig.



Aubrey and Elwood warming up for their concert
at the Claremont Folk Festival, Claremont, CA, May 2004.
It was 100 degrees during their performance!
Photo by Eva Baker.



Elwood at a music party at home in R.I.
Photo by David Hughes.

Elwood playing harmonica
at Gaspee Days in Warwick, RI.

Aubrey and Elwood at "August Dulcimer Daze" in Wilmington, VT, August 2000.
Photo by Anna Sullivan.



At their farm in Foster, RI.
Photo by Dave George.

Aubrey at the "Mountain Dulcimer
Music Fest" in Albany, NY.



Aubrey clogging and playing banjo with Elwood and the MacArthur family
at "August Dulcimer Daze"
in Wilmington, VT, August 2001.
Photo by Don Moore.

Aubrey at the Ozark Folk Center's Mountain Dulcimer Jamboree, April 2001.



Elwood playing the limberjack.



Aubrey in Barrington, RI.
Photo by Bonnie Shiel.

Close up of Aubrey playing the dulcimer at a coffeehouse in Lexington, MA.
Photo by Ken Meltz.



At the Armagh Coffeehouse in Bedford, MA.
Photo by Ken Meltz.

At a house concert in Rockford, IL.
Photo by Tom Lindem.



Photo shoot near near the reservoir in Scituate, RI.
Photo by Berge Ara Zobian.

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